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Welcome to the Coffee Lady’s website where you’ll find an extensive selection of coffee from around the world. All of the coffees are top grade, 100% Arabica, available in whole bean or ground for your convenience. Custom blends and special orders are always welcome.

My Story

My love for great coffee began on a backpacking trip through Europe. In a kitchen of a private home. Saint-Marc-sur-Mer, France. Breakfast was Cafe au Lait served in a bowl, alongside fresh, crusty baguette still warm from the bakery, smothered in butter and homemade strawberry jam.

Many years passed…

Many years passed before the opportunity arose to jump right into the coffee world.  I left a government job, friends and city I loved to embark on my coffee journey.  Over eight years, we built a successful coffee shop at Tillicum Mall with the support and advice of great customers, employees, suppliers, family and friends.

We were known for our friendly service, unique giftware, great gift baskets and community support. 

One of my prized possessions is a giant Thank You card from the small children in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club at Pearkes Arena. Oh, how I loved those years!

more of my story...

When better space became available, I asked for it right away.  Over time, it became apparent that the landlord had plans to replace us with a competitor in the exact same location when my lease expired.  We reached an agreement, and with a great deal of sadness, closed our doors in January 2001.

After a wonderful golf vacation in Thailand, I began contacting customers, who encouraged me to carry on as “the Coffee Lady”, delivering coffee beans and ground coffee to their homes and offices throughout Greater Victoria.  The design and creation of gift baskets followed shortly afterwards, and many Victoria realtors continue as my best customers to this day.

I hope you will be part of the journey going forward.  What lies ahead will include the best coffee, and hopefully trips and travels to explore coffees, culture and cuisine from around the world… along with a bit of golf as well.

Thank you for everything!  I look forward to hearing from you! 

SOME photos from my journey

Here are a just a few photos of trips that inspired me…

We’ve been enjoying fine coffees from Deb for many years.

We really appreciate her delivery service and are always greeted with a big smile. Deb isn’t just “The Coffee Lady”, she has also become a good friend. We sincerely wish you continued success.

~ Helen W. ~

I love the service. Coffee delivered to my door. Life can’t get much better. And the coffee is fantastic. Thank you, Deb, for 20 years of bliss.

~ Tona H. ~

“Deb is an absolute star when it comes to preparing baskets and delivering them on time for our clients.  Her care and meticulous nature is evident when you look at the gorgeous, colourful baskets that she creates.”

Geoff McLean